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“The winemaking tradition of the D.O Utiel Requena is over 2500 years..”

El cultivo de la vid y el consumo de vino se remontan a la época ibérica, desde el siglo VII antes de Cristo, ya que los íberos se asentaron, entre otros poblados de esta comarca, en el de Los Villares.

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The winemaking tradition of Utiel-Requena is more than 2,500 years.

This is corroborated by various archaeological finds such as a set of grapeseed, wine-making structures and elements of dishes containing them. The cultivation of the vine and wine consumption back to the Iberian period - since the seventh century BC - as the Iberians settled, among other villages in this region, in the Los Villares - known in antiquity as Kevin - located in Caudete of Fountains, one of the towns in the middle of the Utiel-Requena.

Among the Iberians on wine and was a regular drink, utensils of the period reflected different containers for drinking and serving wine bottles, jars, cups and glasses. Just as the same way they appear in drawings alluding to the vine. The local amphorae Los Villares show peculiar markings which suggest the existence of a Kelin wine and its territory. These brands probably identify-externally - the origin, content, ownership, price, etc.. wine.

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