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The world of wine in Chozas Carrascal

Minimun: 0 | Maximum50 Persons

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  • Municipality:  Requena
  • Price: 15 €/Person
  • Available from: 17-01-2020
  • Available to: 31-12-2020

Ofer description

Visit to the Elaboration Room

We will see the different processes of elaboration of our wines. Since the harvest, (which takes place from the end of August and ends at the end of October), until the bottling and placing on the market of this product so special.

Visit to "La Cava"

  As we go down to the cava we will discover a place with much charm, where we will know the interesting process of Cava. In this amazing place is where cava bottles ferment under a peculiar atmosphere; light, smell and shapes transport you to a magical world.

  Visit to the old cellar

For many, the most authentic place in the whole winery, where our wines are being aged. The most curious of this place are the traces of the past, which allow us to see how our ancestors made wine. Driving systems for the wine and old concrete tanks, all this in the underground of the old house of the year 1870.

  And for a good ending ... we will taste 3 of Our Best Wines and an Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Duration: 2 hours aprox.

Starting times: 10:30  and 12:30 am every day

We strongly recommed to wear a mask for the visit.

We follow all the hygienic requirements to offer a safe visit. 


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