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Grape Harvest and Stomping in Pago de Tharsys

Experience: Grape Harvest 2018
Day: Saturday, September 29th 2018, from 11h00 to 16h00
Price: 40€ per person. Children under 12 years old 25€


The harvest season starts in Pago de Tharsys. It is the most important moment of the year as the last stage for which we have been working the last 12 months: the harvesting of our marvellous fruits, precious grapes that will turn into wine.

It is a time of hard work that requires a lot of concentration despite our jitters, you will appreciate that the winery is full of activity and energy.

The 2018 harvest looks fantastic, we have had great weather conditions this year in our vineyard and we feel very happy for it. Our wish is to share our joy and good energy with you.

We invite you to spend a harvest morning with us at Pago de Tharsys, teaching you how to harvest. It is necessary to harvest only for a while, this will be enough to collect the grapes that we will later tread in a traditional style, like this we will extract our wonderful grape must.

Also you will visit the processing winery in full activity and taste the grape must in the fermentation process. It is a magical moment in the year that explains why wine is a unique and special drink.

People of all ages can participate in this activity, it is a fantastic opportunity to do it with family and friends.

To finish this amazing harvest morning, we will eat at the vineyard as our ancestors have done throughout history and of course, we will drink the delicious juice of the earth, the wine. This will be a very special moment because we will remind those joyful harvest songs that accompany us in the long days of work in the vineyard, thanks to with our brilliant singer, Fermín Pardo, and his group "Viejos Cantares".

We will be waiting for you on Saturday, September 29th at 11h00 in Pago de Tharsys for live an unforgettable experience in our grape harvest 2018.

Limited places only.
For bookings, please call us at 962303354 or write an e-mail to

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