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Museums and expositives places

Palacio del Cid. Museo del Vino de Requena

phone. 96 230 32 81

  Located in the Cid Palace, a building from the gothic era of XV century, is now where you will find the repurposed Museum of Wine. We invite you to visit our unique site to learn about... See-more

Ecomuseo del Hábitat Tradicional

phone. 962 184 024 

The Ecomuseum Sinarcas is the former home of a poor family engaged in agriculture. It is located in the historic center of this town and has recently been renovated, taking care of every detail in... See-more

Museo Municipal de Requena

phone. 96 230 12 00

Located next to the church of El Carmen, in its rooms abundant archaeological material is exhibited. The part of the museum dedicated to winemaking shows the complete process of winemaking, from... See-more

Cuevas de la Villa de Requena

phone. 96 230 38 51

Under a Historic-Artistic del Barrio de la Villa, and along the basement, there is a labyrinthine and interesting set of caves that have served several purposes during its history, including... See-more

Museo del Parque Geológico

phone. 96 233 20 01

This park, which covers most of its township, enjoying the outdoors. It is exemplarily represented the geological structure of a rift valley, a depression elongated morphology, bounded by large... See-more

Parque Temático Arqueológico El Molón.

phone. 962 181 006

The Molón Archaeological Park is the first opening in the region. Several areas make up this cultural resource, the Center for Interpretation, is a space where you can meet the lifestyle of the ... See-more

Museo de la Vid y el Vino “Bodega Redonda”

phone. 962174152

Nowadays there are only three bodegas like this in Spain: one in Jerez, other in Tomelloso and another one in Cariñena. This bodega was built by a landowner's family in 1891. He wanted it to be ... See-more

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