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Villargordo del Cabriel

Villargordo del Cabriel is the westernmost municipality of Valencia, is located 100 miles from Valencia and is bordered by Castilla - La Mancha by the river Cabriel.

It was inhabited by Iberians, Romans and Arabs. Because of its steep terrain along the story in his term have followed numerous military conflicts, such as during the War of Succession, the War of Independence and the Carlist wars.

It sits in an enviable natural environment, resulting from the action of Cabriel-one of the cleanest rivers in Europe, shown at its best especially in the Sickles Knives and Cabriel Villargordo-not in vain is one of the municipalities that comprise the park of the same name, and in the swamp of Contreras, a bridge dating from the mid century. Similarly, do not go unnoticed by the traveler on the Wine Route of the DO Utiel-Requena, the town of Contreras, Moluengo Peak with an altitude of 1040 meters, the impressive relief of the Ravine of the Altars, the monumental Pino Dos Hermanas, the old traditional exploitation of the Continental Salinas, and three small paths of travel marked and approved.

In addition to natural resources, visitors can enjoy some architecturally interesting buildings like the church of San Roque, the bunkers and trenches of the Civil War or the Puente de Isabel II.

As most important holidays include the holidays honor the Virgin and San Roque, in mid August, and the Pilgrimage to the Virgin Tejeda, in September.

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