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Located at 82 km from Valencia, on the banks of the Magro river as background and the Sierra del Negrete, the municipality has Utiel Iberian and Roman remains. With obvious Arab influence in the urban landscape can be admired in its streets houses and other architecture typical of medieval Christian and noble lineage. In the basement of the city retains a network of galleries, many of them medieval, who acted as a refuge and a warehouse. Its economy is based primarily on the cultivation of the vine and the wine trade.

Major natural sites include the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Remedio, located 10 km from the population and 1.090m above the sea. Originally a chapel was erected in 1564. The current sanctuary has at its center a small Baroque church, which contains a dressing room behind the altar with interesting frescoes, 1728. Near this point is located a unique landscape, in the natural environment, known as Casa Medina. In addition, travelers may find interesting panoramic view from the hill of Luke about 1.032m above sea level and next to it, the peak of Juan Navarro, the highest point that is identified by its pyramidal shape.

At the core of the population of Utiel the traveler can see a variety of religious assemblies that speak of the weight of church tradition in this region. The parish church of Our Lady of the Assumption, is of late Gothic architecture of the s. XVI is seen inside the chapel of the Communion of the early twentieth century neo-Gothic style. Other church buildings are the convent of La Merced, which still retains the shield in front of the Order of Mercy, and the church and convent of San Francisco that dates from the late XVII century.

Other notable buildings are the Town Hall, built in 1788 and was former home of the reigning Villa Carlos III. La Plaza de Toros "La Utielana", the oldest of Valencia, which opened in 1858 and which is the Museo Taurino. The mills, medieval times, which houses the Museum of honey and wax that has one of the few devices to extract the wax from the bee existing panels. Finally, the Bodega Redonda, seat of the Council of the Designation of Origin Utiel-Requena, containing the funds from the Wine Museum of Valencia.

A tour of the Wine Route in Utiel stops at various wineries producing excellent wines to accompany and enjoy its rich cuisine, which highlights some products recognized with the Quality Mark "CV" Gastronomic Utiel.
Utiel, given its geography and natural environments, also reserves the visitor countless possibilities for activities such as walking and cycling. Also holds many events throughout the year to surprise visitors and facilitate their active participation. These include the Fair and Festivals held in honor of Our Lady of Remedy during the first half of September, the pilgrimages of the Virgen del Remedio, held on 6 September and the last Sunday of October and Expo in mid-October.

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