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Fuenterrobles Municipality, northwest of the county, 92 km from Valencia and 814 meters above the sea, had its first population in the Age of Metals, particularly copper in the period, but have also been found relics from the Neolithic and Paleolithic. Was populated by Celtiberians, Iberians and Arabs, having its origin in 1402 at the Fountain City Council.

It is framed in an almost flat terrain, except for the Bicuerca Serra, with peaks as Telegraph Hill and Hill of Bicuerca; the Watchtower Sabinar and Cerro Pelado.

Among the most significant sites include the Cueva del Cid, the Fountain City Council and the Paseo de la Vega. Other attractions are the St. James Parish Church and public laundry. Also, this town has an interesting ethnographic collection to be found in the tools and devices related to farming and daily life of this town.

The most important festivals in this town is the Pilgrimage to the Holy Cave the second Sunday in May, the Patron Saints, the fourth week of August and the winter holidays the first week of February, held to honor the town's patron, the Virgen de Las Candelas, whose most prominent event is the procession of the Cake-made each year in a different house of the village, base of nougat made with almonds, egg yolks and sugar.

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