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Chera is a mountain town that is located inside a huge graben formed sixty-five million years and surrounded by jagged peaks up to 1176 m altitude. It is a place that concentrates a unique natural and scenic values, which attempts to preserve and protect through the declaration of Natural Park-Chera Sot de Chera and the establishment of a Geopark.

Chera Nature Park - Sot de Chera is different from other parks because in this first geology. Here the visitor can travel different paths and marked routes, looking rugged and steep relief with breathtaking gorges and a large representation of flora and fauna species that only survive in these pockets only.

Chera Geological Park, is the only of its kind that exists in Valencia and is the third to be held in Spain, the most complete of all. It has a museum displaying collections of fossils, rocks and minerals as well as films and photographs of various tectonic structures in the environment and consists of seven marked routes that carry the traveler to places of surpassing beauty and undoubted landmarks such as the ravine de la Hoz, the caves of La Garita and impoundment of Diving,

The feast of Chera are dedicated to the Virgen de los Angeles and San Jose and will be held the first week of August.


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