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Typical sausageTypical sausage
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The Utiel-Requena is located in a privileged enclave, due to the location of this region because its indoor climate, the cuisine consists of succulent dishes prepared with olive oil and other natural products of these dry lands, and based on recipes traditional, they always find the perfect combination with Utiel-Requena wines.

The gastronomic offer is very rich and varied, there are many dishes made with pork as the pot, the soup, buns or cakes with meats and sardines, the famous sausages and ham in this region. Other dishes stand out as the ajoarriero, rice casserole or under Stuff, potatoes in soup, cooked with meat and other game such as gazpacho and morteruelo.

Sweets also play a role in the Utiel-Requena made with honey, we find the gingerbread-Arab origin and Burrueco the turroncillos, the sweet potato cakes, the pastries and cakes of butter.



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