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The terms and conditions listed below regulate access and use of the website www.rutavino.com. This domain is owned by The Wine Route Association Utiel-Requena, with legal address in C / Cuesta Butchers 9 46340 Requena (Valencia), with NIF G-96861091 serves electronic sales online at their website www.rutavino . com

Contact address is the e-mail info@rutavino.com.Telephone number is 96 230 37 72. The domicile for claims effect corresponds to the address indicated in the association.

Legal terms and conditions

Use of this Web site implies agreement between Customer and The Wine Route Association Utiel-Requena RUTAVINO.COM onwards, which implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the general conditions published by RUTAVINO.COM.Access and use of the website to minors for recruitment of tourist services is prohibited, so that the user declares, for these purposes, which is an adult (having at least 18 years) and has legal capacity to acquire tourist services offered through the web www.rutavino.com accordance with these terms and conditions that fully understands RUTAVINO.COM not responsible for the accuracy of the data filled by the user.

RUTAVINO.COM may change at any time and without notice, the design, layout and / or configuration of the Web site as well as some or all of the contents, and change the general conditions and / or conditions for its use.

The user agrees to pay the contracted services or products by using any of the following means of payment authorized by RUTAVINO.COM. The reservation of any product will be effective only at the time that the charge made ​​by RUTAVINO.COM percentage of the total amount of the product or service validly credit card provided by the useror the amount of the cash purchase or proof of transfer, until that time can be canceled by RUTAVINO.COM, without the user is entitled to any claim.

When requesting a reservation, implies a commitment by the customer to authorize the charge on the credit card provided. The personal data provided by users for making the payment will be treated with the appropriate level of protection taking the legally required security measures to prevent loss, damage, and provision and access by unauthorized third parties. Access to transactional services are conducted in a secure environment. The information is transmitted encrypted at all times using a secure encryption protocol. This ensures that the content is only transmitted by the user´s computer and the server who receives the information.

Responsibility and guarantee Rutavino.com

Users may access the Web Site free way. However, RUTAVINO.COM reserves under current legislation the right to restrict access to certain areas of the website. In these cases, as a prerequisite for access to the service, the user must register and provide all the requested information in an updated and real (see privacy policy below). The user is responsible to guard and treat confidentially the password that is provided by RUTAVINO.COM to access the Web site, preventing access to them from unauthorized third partiesThe user agrees to be responsible for the financial consequences of any use of the Web site to occur by using the User Password by third party. Also the user agrees and declares that all data entered for reservations request are correct, especially the e-mail address you specify for notifications, committing to keeping it updated in subsequent uses that may be made of the services offered on the Web Site.

RUTAVINO.COM reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to the website and / or services, the USERS who violate these Terms and Conditions.

RUTAVINO.COM reserves the right to terminate your access to the Web site, and the provision of any or all content provided through it, either for technical reasons, security, control, maintenance, by power failure or any other cause. This interruption may be temporary or permanent, in which case it shall to inform the Users who may suffer loss, if any, of the information stored in the various services.

En consecuencia, RUTAVINO.COM no garantiza la fiabilidad, la disponibilidad ni la continuidad de su sitio Web ni de los Contenidos, por lo que la utilización de los mismos por parte del Usuario se lleva a cabo por su propia cuenta y riesgo, sin que, en ningún momento, puedan exigirse responsabilidades a RUTAVINO.COM en este sentido RUTAVINO.COM no será responsable de cualquier tipo de perjuicio, pérdidas, reclamaciones o gastos de ningún tipo, de la Información adquirida o accedida por o a través de la Web, de virus informáticos, de fallos operativos o de interrupciones en el servicio o transmisión, o fallos en la línea.

It is prohibited to transmit or send through the Website any illegal or illicit content, computer viruses, or posts, in general, that can affect or infringe the rights of RUTAVINO.COM. or third parties.

RUTAVINO.COM is not responsible for the not own web sities that can be accessed by links ("links") or any content provided by third parties.

In the case of web links to other Internet sites (via links, banners, etc.), managed by third, RUTAVINO.COM, does not exercise any control over such sites and / or content. In any case RUTAVINO.COM, assume any responsibility for the content of links to an outside website, nor guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, comprehensiveness, accuracy, validity and / or constitutionality of any material or information contained in any of the linking websites.

User who want to include links from their own websites to www.rutavino.com website must comply with the following provisions

  • 1.-The link on the home page www.rutavino.com or any of the inside pages will go well, but can not reproduce in any form (inline links, copy text, graphics, etc.).
  • 2.-It is prohibited to establish frames that allow viewing of contents www.rutavino.com through other than the own website addresses, or to third party contents are displayed so that they can cause confusion or mislead users into believing that there is some connection between the two websites or their content or involve a use of the brand and prestige of the Entities. In any case, RUTAVINO.COM authorizes the establishment of links from those websites www.rutavino.com containing materials, information or illicit, illegal, degrading, obscene and generally contravene public order and moral content.


User Consent

Sending personal information by using electronic forms or, where appropriate, emails, means the express consent of the sender to the automated processing of data included in the indicated media and communications shipment electronically with information about our services. Wine route undertakes not to transfer such data to third parties for commercial uses.

Rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of the users

Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of personal data. These rights can be exercised by sending post to our offices, or by e-mail to info@rutavino.com

Intellectual and industrial property rights

The rights to the industrial ande intellectual property (including and without limitation: brands, logos, text, photographs, icons, images, etc., as well as graphic design, source code and other software elements contained in the Web page. "www.rutavino.com") are the property of Wine Route Association Utiel-Requena or associated companies of the products and services offered. Therefore are subject to intellectual and industrial and protected by Spanish and international law property.

Without the prior written permission of legal standard Wine Route Association Utiel-Requena, or, if applicable, associated company or product of service right holder is not allowed to use, copy, distribute, reproduce, transmit, handling, as well as any use that exceeds a normal and necessary to visit the site and use of services offered use.

Access to the services provided by not supposed Wine Route Association Utiel-Requena, waiver, transfer or total or partial transfer of rights arising from intellectual property, or assigning rights to use, modify, use, reproduction, distribution or public communication of these contents without the prior express written consent of the respective owners of such rights, without prejudice to the right to view and obtain private backup such content, provided that such right is exercised by the principles of good faith and always keeps unchanged the intellectual property of the owner of such rights, non-commercial use and solely for your personal information.

The liability for the use of rights protected by the intellectual property of third parties contained in this page illegally or violate morality, honor or privacy materials, rests solely with the user, in any case exempt Trail Association Utiel-Requena wine from any liability arising from such conduct.

Applicable law

This Legal Notice is governed in each and every one of its clauses by Spanish law.