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Bodega Cerrogallina

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Telephone. 676 897 251

Direction. Travesía de la Industria, nº 5.

Town. Campo Arcís, Requena



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Company description

Cerrogallina is a winemaking enterprise to produce quality wines with unique personalities.

Our vineyards are located in the village of Campo Arcís (Requena) at the foot of Cerro Gallina, from which our company takes its name. The winery is in Campo Arcís, just 3 km from our vineyards and only a few meters from the center of the village. 

The philosophy of our project is simple: be faithful to the land and to the grapes which thrive in it, namely, the Bobal.
Every day there are more and more wine lovers who enjoy looking for and finding the personality of each type of grape in a glass of wine. And through its flavour they discover the character of each land. 

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