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Telephone. 96 218 31 24

Fax. 96 218 32 46

Direction. C/ Rambla, 11

Town. Fuenterrobles



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Company description

In late 1979, Genaro and Tere decided to undertake a new and difficult way into the hotel. Until now they had always worked for other companies. But this time they decided to start by themselves, the business of restoration on their land. With many doubts, many fears and many uncertainties. Having emigrated to London in the '60s, and back to Valencia decided to continue in the hospitality industry in the early 80s. Difficult years but always with the same objective criteria, work and perseverance. Defending gastronímica always the same idea of our region. Over the years the activity is refined, reaching a definite draw a letter, defending our products better, and of course, accompanied by our wines, broadening the supply of all Utiel-Requena region. Some wines at very competitive and high quality. His daughters, Esmeralda and Begoña, have taken relebo after forming in Tourism and Hospitality. We have a clear example of traditional restoration.

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